19,153 Promotions In 2023, These 19 Event Types Performed the Best

These are the list of event types that got more drastically more clicks than the rest.

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  • 🎉 19 Event Types That Dominated Our 19,153 Promotions

  • 🏢 6 New Event Industry Jobs

Over the past year, we promoted over 19,153 events.

We asked on LinkedIn what information from our data on these event promotions would be most helpful to event organizers and marketers.

We were working on a list of best performing event ideas internally, so we reworked it to be sharable publicly.

These are the list of event types that got more drastically more clicks than the rest through our local event calendar automation service.

If you’re looking for new event ideas, this list would be a great place to start.

The best event types that we’ve found might seem inaccessible to most organizers, but our guide will show you how any organization can put on events like these.

Quick Takeaways

Not every event type will be applicable for every organizer, but it should still get the ideas moving.

A trend we see overall is that it is important to differentiate in some way.

Some effective questions to ask:

  1. Can we tie together multiple events to create one bigger event that can multiply the same promotion effort?

  2. Can we take a unique spin on a format we’re already doing?

  3. Can we add another element to our events to make them stand out more? (Featuring food, craft beverages, technology, other entertainment, art, a cause, etc.)

🏢 Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

There are a lot of cool job openings for communications, marketing, touring, promotion out there that we come across while writing this newsletter.

So we decided to start sharing in case you’re looking or know someone that is:

Venue Operations Experience (VOX) Workforce Development Program @ National Independent Venue Foundation Online

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing @ Capital City Go-Go in Washington, DC

Communications Manager @ FirstWorks in Providence, Rhode Island

Operations Coordinator @ Alliance of Resident Theatres in New York, New York

Box Office and Venue Marketing Manager @ Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland , Ohio

Senior Program Manager for Events @ College of Music and Colorado Shakespeare Festival in Boulder, Colorado

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