The Impact of AI on the Arts: Friend or Foe? Share Your Opinion.

AI, Ticket Scams, and New Tech -- changes on all sides of the event industry.

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  • The Impact of AI on the Arts: Friend or Foe?

  • Stephen Parker, NIVA's New Executive Director Featured by Impact NextGen

  • Ticket Scams Surge

  • Automate Local Event Promotion

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The Impact of AI on the Arts: Friend or Foe?

Is AI a game-changer or a potential challenge for the arts scene?

Will it steal our creative thunder, or perhaps democratize the process?

What's the deal with AI's rapid rise lately, and how should we feel about it?

迎 You've probably noticed the whirlwind of AI-generated content and technology sweeping through our creative realms in the past six months.

As key players in the arts and culture universe, your insights carry weight in deciphering what all this AI fuss means for our industry's future.

Our friends over at 4A Arts have a quick survey, especially for those of you that are part-time or full-time creatives. This survey aims to dive deep into how artificial intelligence is impacting artists and arts organizations.

Why should you care? 仄儭 Well, your thoughtful responses won't just help them grasp the AI wave but also empower them to provide even better support and resources for artists and cultural institutions navigating this evolving landscape.

Ready to share your thoughts? Click here to join the conversation: Survey Link

Stephen Parker, NIVA's New Executive Director Featured by Impact NextGen

If you havent heard of Stephen Parker yet and youre in the live entertainment world, you will soon. Hes the new Executive Director behind NIVA, whom I had the pleasure of connecting with at the NIVA conference in DC last month.

Hes got a remarkable passion for both policy and the live entertainment scene. What a great combo to be taking NIVA to the next chapter. He was recently featured by VenuesNow now as one of the Impact NextGen list.

Stephen Parker took the helm as the Executive Director of the National Independent Venue Association back in January, and it's no accident that his fervor for live music and advocacy has led to some major developments.

綾 In his own words, "Live music and performance have existed in our nation since its founding, but it has only been in the last three years that this sector has finally made inroads into government at any level."

Stephen is referring to the emergence of NIVA, which came to life during the COVID-19 shutdown when the live events industry hit a brick wall. Faced with a compelling need to unite, hundreds of NIVA members persevered through the storm and secured nearly $16 billion in federal funding to reopen their venues. In these three years, NIVA has evolved into a formidable force for good with Dayna Frank leading the original charge alongside hundreds of other venues and promoters.

儭 As Stephen puts it, "The most thrilling development in live entertainment is that venues and festivals now have a powerful national voice."

"They harnessed that voice to rescue the live entertainment industry, and now they'll wield it to cultivate a more vibrant music, comedy, and arts ecosystem on both a national and community scale."

With NIVA members scattered across the nation, each fiercely independent with distinct needs and desires, Stephen's political acumen is a crucial bridge to government entities and a symbol of the organization's goals.

Were excited to see Stephen featured, learn more about his background, and see what is on the horizon for the independent live entertainment industry in the US.

Ticket Scams Surge

Speaking of NIVA, the FIX THE TIX Coalition is working diligently on this next issue.

In the UK, ticket scam complaints are ringing alarm bells, and the trend isn't confined to the UK; it's a global concern, including the US.

As we delve into this issue, it's crucial for event organizers to take note of how ticketing scams can severely tarnish the customer experience.

According to banking giant Santander, reports of ticketing scams in the UK have more than doubled over the past year. In the first seven months of 2023 alone, customer reports of ticket scams skyrocketed by a staggering 141%, reaching a total of 1,905 complaints. The average claim in these cases amounted to 瞿107.

So, what exactly constitutes a ticket scam for Santander?

It's the sale of counterfeit tickets or tickets that were never real to begin with. These shady transactions predominantly occur on social media platforms or fraudulent websites.

Concerts and festival tickets are the most commonly targeted, making up nearly half (47%) of all reported claims. Sporting event tickets followed at 17%, and flights accounted for 7% of the total.

As this issue unfolds in the UK, it serves as a stark reminder for event organizers in the US and beyond to take ticketing scams seriously.

It's not just about monetary losses; it's about preserving the trust and satisfaction of your valued attendees.

Remind attendees where they can find legitimate tickets often. You dont want attendees showing up on your doorstep with fake tickets. This is an experience many organizers are unfortunately familiar with and it tarnishes the relationship between attendees and organizers.

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Meme of the Week

Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

We came across these cool live entertainment industry jobs that you or someone you know might be a good fit for!

Also, if youre hiring please let us know so we can help you spread the word. Its free!

Marketing Project Manager @ The Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA

Marketing Manager @ SaveLive in Buffalo, NY

Marketing Manager @ White Marsh Mall in Baltimore, MD

Manager Of Creative And Public Engagement @ Denver Art Museum in Denver, CO

Director of Education and Community Engagement @ Boston Symphony Orchestra in Boston, MA

Jr Graphic Designer @ Red Light Management in Nashville, TN

Journalist, Producer @ Wyoming Public Media in Cody, WY

Special Events Planner @ Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC

Chief Executive Officer @ Creative Pinellas in Largo, FL

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