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  • 🙇‍♂️ Attendee Safety, Promoters in Congress, and the Re-skilling of the Workforce

🙇‍♂️ Attendee Safety, Promoters in Congress, and the Re-skilling of the Workforce

Event promoters have more on our plates than ever. Safety, automation, and politics... oh my.

uIn today's pulse:

  • 🙇‍♂️ Rep. Maxwell Frost, Show Promoter Turned Congressman

  • �� Attendee Safety Is More Important Than Ever

  • 💡 Valuable Job Skills Are Changing, Are You Ready?

  •  🎉 Automate Local Event Promotion

  • 🏢 7 New Event Industry Marketing Jobs

🙇‍♂️ Rep. Maxwell Frost, Show Promoter Turned Congressman

Pollstar’s 2023 NextGen Cover Honoree Rep. Maxwell Frost shares his stories of coming up through the live music industry and how that led into politics.

With all the work NIVA and others have been doing in the political arena, Frost is likely to be a valuable ally to the industry.

He has a lot of great stories and shares a little bit of the good Live Nation was doing in his community.

There’s good and bad everywhere, right, but that’s a good program.

Rep. Maxwell Frost on Live Nation’s Music Forward Program

🔒 Attendee Safety Is More Important Than Ever

Attendee safety is a big topic in the live music venue space, but it is important for any large gatherings. Not only does getting attendee safety right matter, it also is important to make the attendees feel like their safety is important.

"It only takes one person to create chaos in a room of a thousand."

Ariel Palitz in a recent interview with HOSTED by POSH

In another really stellar interview from HOSTED by POSH, Ariel Palitz, the first Mayor of Nightlife in NYC, shares a lot of highly tactical advice for venue owners and event planners on improving security.

Also, Skift meetings recently shared a helpful article on the importance of safety and resources for meeting planners:

💡 Valuable Job Skills Are Changing, Are You Ready?

Learn how to use AI or you'll be replaced by someone who does.

A recent IBM study explores the impact of AI on business models, operations, and job roles.

For event promoters, just like everyone else, our jobs are going to look different over the next few years. It is always important to adapt to new technologies. Think of the advantage it was to be one of the marketers that figured out how to leverage Facebook or Instagram early on.

The good thing is that “human” skills are going to be more important than ever. In a recent episode by Marketing Against the Grain, the hosts (both CMOs at tech companies) shared their thoughts on how storytelling and creative skills will be the differentiator in the near future.

Every job will not change in the same way, but the importance of time management and prioritization keeps moving up the list as the output expected from one person gets larger and larger.

In events, you know this expectation better than anyone. Using automation and being effective with your organization and workflows will be a differentiator over the next few years.

🎉 Automate Local Event Promotion

Streamline your local event promotion by entering your details once and having it submitted across a curated list of local event calendars from your Visitor’s Bureau, Newspapers, Radio Stations, and Things To Do sites. If you have a lot of events, you can auto-import to save even more clicks.

More attendees. Less time. Click here to learn more.

Meme of the Week

Who was supposed to promote this show?

🏢 Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

New week, new opportunities in the live entertainment industry!

Check out these awesome job openings that could be a perfect match for you or someone you know.

And hey, if you're on the lookout for new talent, give us a shout – we'd love to help you get the word out.

Director of Education and Community Engagement @ Albany Institute of History & Art in Albany, NY

Marketing Specialist @ Marauder in New York, NY (Hybrid)

Digital Marketing Coordinator @ CoClubs in Denver, CO

Booking Assistant @ Psyko Steve Presents in Phoenix, AZ (Part-Time)

Marketing Assistant @ TBA Agency in New York, NY

Tour Activation Manager @ Foundations Music in USA (Part-Time, On Tour)

Program Director @ Hideout Chicago in Chicago, IL

Venue Operations Experience (VOX) Workforce Development Program @ National Independent Venue Foundation Online

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