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🚀 Wowing Audiences, Creating Buzz, and Boosting Event Reach with Cutting-Edge Strategies

Supercharge your event attendance and expand your reach with the latest cutting-edge strategies and innovative techniques.

In today's pulse:

  • 🌐 What Cannes Got So Right About Metaverse For Events

  • 🗣️ Using Inclusive Language at Events

  • 🥽 AR Technology Opportunities For Events

  • 🚀 Boosts To Reach Even More Attendees

  • 🏢 5 New Event Industry Jobs

🌐  What Cannes Got So Right About Metaverse For Events

Last week we covered Cannes’ XR experiences briefly. Cannes’ is an ideal platform to experiment with these new mixed reality technologies. The festival sees the crossroads of many different art forms. The most exciting use cases for AR/VR technologies are happening at these crossroads.

Today, LinkedIn featured many takes on Cannes’ AR experiences that are interesting to skim through.

Some key takeaways:

  1. Generative AI Revolutionizes Content Creation: WPP and NVIDIA announced a collaboration to develop a content engine powered by generative AI. This technology enables creative teams to produce high-quality commercial content faster, more efficiently, and at scale while staying aligned with a client's brand.

  2. Influencer Marketing and AI Ethics: Ogilvy is taking a stand on AI-generated influencer ads by mandating that its clients disclose all AI-generated influencer campaigns. The agency believes that transparency is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of influencer marketing as a channel.

  3. AI Biases in Ad Tech: The rise of AI in marketing raises concerns about biases. Black audiences have experienced up to 37% bias in ad tech miscategorizing content as violent, sexual, or political, impacting brands globally. It's crucial for tech vendors and brands to address and prevent biases in AI innovations.

  4. Microsoft Explores AI Integration: Microsoft Advertising discussed the integration of AI into various aspects of their platforms, such as Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Mail. Practical applications include assisting with stock research and enhancing email composition and organization.

  5. Creativity as a Wellness Priority: A.I.'s ability to generate content poses a risk of homogeneity. To counteract this, the wellness industry is emphasizing the importance of nurturing creativity as a form of self-care. Expect to see classes, products, and retreats focused on enhancing creativity.

What are your thoughts? How do you envision AR/VR enhancing future events? I'd love to hear your perspective.

🗣️ Using Inclusive Language at Events

Being inclusive with the language around your events is important including the audiences of all backgrounds and identities. Claire Hoffman writing for BizBash put together an insightful list of "8 Tips for Using Inclusive Language at Events." It shares insights on incorporating inclusive language in event marketing materials, programming, and communications. The article emphasizes the importance of using inclusive language to create a welcoming and engaging event culture.

The tips provided by industry professionals include selecting speakers aligned with the event's values, using gender-neutral language, adopting person-first language, avoiding idioms and colloquial expressions, checking existing DEI standards, being open to feedback, and educating oneself on inclusive language resources.

The article focuses mainly on conferences, but can still be applicable for all types of events. Especially in considering the language in your marketing materials. It’s not about being perfect, but about putting in the effort to be mindful of what we say and lean into empathy for our audiences.

🥽 AR Technology Opportunities For Events

AR technologies are becoming increasingly accessible to event organizers, creating opportunities for new experiences in different industries.

Artivive has been empowering art events to create AR experiences around paintings and art pieces since 2014. When I hosted events for an art gallery in Pennsylvania, we created an exciting exhibition featuring Artivive creations for the artists involved. It was easy and the attendees found it very engaging.

RealityBLU brings AR to sporting organizations, enabling them to engage fans with virtual activations, differentiated ticket packages, and enhanced sponsorship opportunities.

These advancements in AR accessibility signify a shift towards more immersive and interactive event experiences, fueling creativity and audience engagement.

Boosts To Reach Even More Attendees

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Reach event-seekers as they actively look for events. Achieve higher conversion rates on your event ad click-throughs.

Reach email subscribers who have opted-in to hear about events near them. Expand your email reach beyond your own list.

🏢 Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

There are a lot of cool job openings for communications, marketing, touring, promotion out there that we come across while writing this newsletter.

So we decided to start sharing in case you’re looking or know someone that is:

Event Staff @ Crawl With Us in your city

Marketing Coordinator @ Washington Capitals in Arlington, Virginia

Director of Education and Community Engagement @ Boston Symphony Orchestra in Boston, Massachusetts

Marketing Coordinator, Theater and Performance Studies @ University of Chicago’s College Theater and Performance Studies in Chicago, Illinois

That’s It!

If you have anything interesting you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! You can respond to this email or send a DM on LinkedIn: Craig Heron.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time

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