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Get Your Questions Answered + New Live Music Venue Grant

In today's pulse:

  • 📊 2024 Event Promotion Trends Report

  • 🎶 Live Music Orgs: Apply for a Toolbox Grant before October 10th!

  •  🎉 Automate Local Event Promotion

  • 🏢 9 New Event Industry Marketing Jobs

📊 2024 Event Promotion Trends Report — Get Your Questions Answered

This year’s Event Promotion Trends Report is going to be much bigger than last year’s report.

We had a lot of valuable insights form that report that you can read all about here (you don’t even have to give us your email).

THIS YEAR we’re going to be inviting 10x the number of event organizers and promoters to respond to the survey. We’ll also have an additional 18,000+ event promotions to analyze.

Last year's questions included things like:

  • Has attendance gone up or down?

  • Which ticketing company do you use?

  • What other software tools do you use for marketing?

  • Do you host hybrid events or have you thought about hosting Hybrid events?

  • What promotion methods did you use in 2022 for your events?

  • Which methods do you plan to use more of in 2023?

  • What would you say was your highest performing promotion channel in terms of total tickets sold?

  • What would you say was your highest performing promotion channel in terms of return on investment?

  • Do you track the results of your marketing campaigns?

  • How do you feel about competition in your market and industry?

🎶 Live Music Orgs: Apply for a Toolbox Grant before October 10th!

We’ve talked about the Live Music Society’s previous grant recipients, but new grant opportunities were not available yet. Now they are!

You can apply and see detailed criteria at Live Music Society’s website.

Any venue can apply for to $10,000 as a grant. It can support improvements to ensure safety and comfort, using innovative technology, engaging consultants, and training staff. October 10, 2023 is the deadline.

🎉 Automate Local Event Promotion

Every day thousands of people visiting or living in your city are searching local event calendars for things to do.

Vesta is the only cost-effective way to consistently reach them.

More than 85% of Vesta customers who promote their events 30+ days out see a positive ROI.

More attendees. Less time. Click here to learn more.

Meme of the Week

Sorry… I’m a “day” person now.

🏢 Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

We came across these cool live entertainment industry jobs that you or someone you know might be a good fit for!

Also, if you’re hiring please let us know so we can help you spread the word. It’s free!

Director of Communications & Media Relations @ Nebraska Pro Volleyball in Omaha, NE

Senior Director, Marketing Strategy @ Sporting Kansas City in Kansas City, MO

Marketing Coordinator @ Raleigh Convention & Performing Arts Complex in Raleigh, NC

Marketing Director @ Allentown Symphony Association in Allentown, PA

Integrated Marketing Coordinated @ Goldenvoice in Los Angeles, CA

Events Marketing Manager @ Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, MO

Tour Marketing & Press Manager @ Allied Global Marketing in New York, NY

Vice President, Marketing & Communications @ Arbor Day Foundation in Lincoln, NE

General Manager @ Dance Iquail in Philadelphia, PA

That’s It!

If you have anything interesting you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! You can respond to this email or send a DM on LinkedIn: Craig Heron.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!

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