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  • $3 Million in Grants for Small Venues, Improved Arts Compensation, and More...

$3 Million in Grants for Small Venues, Improved Arts Compensation, and More...

Plus live entertainment industry job openings and how to get sponsors for your events.

In today's pulse:

  • 💸 $3 Million in Grants for Small Venues

  • 🎉 Arts Compensation Project

  • 📣 Getting Event Sponsors

  • 🏢 5 New Event Industry Jobs

💸 $3 Million in Grants for Small Venues

At the National Independent Venue Association conference in DC this year, our team got the chance to connect with Live Music Society.

Over the past few years, Live Music Society has given out nearly $3 million dollars to small venues across the country. You can read about their recent batch of recipients here.

At the conference, we heard from recipients about how they were using the grant money to fund programs they typically couldn’t run profitably otherwise. These programs serve as catalysts for venues to be able to create innovative and inclusive programming.

Their 2023 grants are closed, but keep an eye on their grand information page for updates on 2024’s grants.

📊 Arts Compensation Transparency

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is undergoing an important research project to bring about greater pay transparency, parity and equity for arts workers.

The tool will gather comparative compensation data on key positions to create an industry-specific database that can provide better transparency for performing arts professionals in all roles across their organizations.

Many other industries, like startups, have this kind of industry-specific compensation data which is valuable in a drive towards pay equity.

If you work in the performing arts field, you can apply with your interest on their site now.

The way these studies usually work is that you provide anonymous information about your role, experience, and compensation. In return, you receive access to the dataset.

Event sponsorships can be a powerful marketing tool for both event organizers and sponsors.

By aligning with the right event and creating a customized sponsorship package, sponsors can increase brand awareness, generate leads, drive sales, build relationships, and improve their reputation.

But how do you get sponsorships?

This comprehensive guide will help you align your efforts based on data from hundreds of successful event organizers and millions of $ in sponsorship sales.

🏢 Entertainment Industry Communications and Marketing Jobs

There are a lot of cool job openings for communications, marketing, touring, promotion out there that we come across while writing this newsletter.

So we decided to start sharing in case you’re looking or know someone that is:

Venue Operations Experience (VOX) Workforce Development Program @ National Independent Venue Foundation Online

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing @ Capital City Go-Go in Washington, DC

Communications Manager @ FirstWorks in Providence, Rhode Island

CONCERT OPERATIONS MANAGER @ Global Arts Live in Cambridge, MA

Ticketing and Guest Services Manager @ The Vogue in Indianapolis, Indiana

That’s It!

If you have anything interesting you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it! You can respond to this email or send a DM on LinkedIn: Craig Heron.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time

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